Saturday, 17 March 2012

Do you think that social media has the potential to bring about real social change?

Let me start of to say that this is always MY OPINION, and i don't care about anyones criticism, you just gotta read what i have to post and that's it.....

So Potential for Real Social Change.......................
Really i have no honest answer for this just, Society makes up its own rules all the time

The only real Social events that has happened lately that i can say is " Social changers" is the Egyptian Revolution, the Civil War in Libya and the ever growing Tensions in Syria... and we can put in Kony, but honestly i don't want to waste my time talking about it, only thing i have  to say is that Society has a blind eyes to everything, you don't need to be a genius to know what is going on there, just watch a bunch of movies and Docs, you will get the jist of it............

the REAL social changers, its not people, its how people use technology and the freedom of information to find what they want and how to distant themselves........

I blame Social media for that crap......

" oh but you can do so much on that and and look up so much and talk to people" ...............yeah you are talking to people thru a digital interface,.......... what happened to face to face chatting.....

" oh but there is Skype"............ , you are still looking at someone thru a screen....... the best feeling is interacting with people face to face where they are personally in front of you, a live corpse sitting or standing in front of you.

Here is an interesting fact, how many of your friends have removed or deactivated their facebook accounts........i have a few that have and you know what ....... i find THAT  is real social change..

when people start realizing that you don't need a personal profile online to "identify" themselves then that is when people will start opening their eyes and say: Why the F*** did i get into this

very simple people get bored and want change, a personal trend comes and goes just like the wind or the ever changing seasons. just remember social trends, they are but X factors  in what is to come.

This may be blabber and random shit, but that's why they call it a Blog




  1. In your blog you have posted about the Egyptian revolution, the Civil war in Libya, the tensions in Syria and the Kony 2012 movement. While i understand that you feel society turns a blind eye to these events and that you don't feel social media has necessarily impacted these events positively, do you feel these events would have gone down the same way if social media was not in use. If people did not have the ability to communicate as quickly as they do and reach such a large audience as they now can on social media outlets, would each of these events occurred in the same way?

    You also say that people get bored and want change and that is why they use social media. This may be true for some but in this day and age, social media is the way of the future and not just a trend. Did you know that over 35% of companies routinely check if prospective employees have an online social media presence, whether it be on Facebook or Twitter? Many people may think that is a bad thing but the fact of the matter is, employers now want their employees to have an online presence as long as it is appropriate.

    1. we all have opinions and we are all skeptics and critics, if you are passionate about having social media in your life then go for it but don't make a 24 hour thing.

  2. You have a point. But also, i mean, lets you want to keep in touch with friends, who've moved to other countrys, its tough, and I know it doesnt feel the same, but still it is a way for keeping in touch with them. And yea, I mean in the end, everyone has their own views on things :D