Friday, 3 February 2012

Do you believe that social media has increased the quality of news and information or decreased it.

Do you believe that social media has increased the quality of news and information or decreased it.

So lets see this question to be posted in 2 weeks from now....
is the quality of inforamtion and news has increased due to social media

Well lets take a look at some aspect features to this and YES it has,
Let me first state as always that this is MY OPINION     ,

The amount of information that has circulated between social media sites, news websites, articles is unbelievably huge. I find that its good to have information flowing, but we shouldnnt believe what news agencies have to say.

News agencies are there for one purpose only, to promote and show up to-date feeds about every negative event that is going on in our world and to promote fear.

Yes i said Fear, 

(Oh, if want to stop reading this is were you Stop, )

Go look up any headlines in from page papers of any news articles from the Toronto Star to Reuters.. what is the common theme?

Death, murder, Teorrism, the most common themes in the last decade, its just become unberable to even pickup a news paper to read.
It is the common theme to keep us oblivious and ignorant to what is really going on but whatever......
Im not the one to argue with news papers its what HUMANITY WANTS, is it honestly our nature to read this crap day in day out, why  ?

The more we read the news papers the more we attract, Law of attraction, you give as much energy and thoughts to whatever we want and as much to the the stuff we dont want.

Let me give you an example:  Rumors of a stock market crash " The Stock market drops 1000 points, Companies take huge losses"

investors insisted with speculation and fear which in turn bred a train of thought that people insisted they were losing money and so its what people wanted , they lost money.

So let me get back to what the topic is Information and News.

The News is bullshit, and the information given is so corrupt, in the scheme of things  it is just make the human mind believe what they are saying is true, just remember, down the chain in the entertainement industry someone is pulling the strings.

and one last comment, your life is not on Facebook , Twitter and all that crap, it is a social network not an information hub of your personal life, watch your pictures because someone will be looking for that "big" job

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  1. First off, I think this blog is very well written and shows a passion behind the message you are sending; I don't enjoy reading the "play it safe" blogs some individuals have written - yours was actually interesting and... fun I suppose would be a good word.

    So, getting more so to the assignment... I agree with your blog, that social media has definitely brought a totally new wind of information to our society; and that we really need to make sure to check our resources in order to make sure the information is fact and not fiction.

    Reading your blog added a couple new interesting ideas to the topic this week, that I never would have even thought of when reading the assignment. It is interesting that you added in the idea of some "pulling the strings" at the other end; I don't believe it is the case every time, but I definitely believe it to be true some of the time.

    And as for the idea that tragedy makes headlines, that is absolutely true! Happiness and reward doesn't grab our attention, it is sad to say, but pain and suffering is what intrigues or society; that is what we lean towards and draws us in.

    I'm very glad you had those additional subjects in your blog, again I really enjoyed reading this!