Friday, 13 January 2012

What is your perception of social media, do you think it is a fad or the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution?

The relative question is why is social media such a heightened subject to-day? Social media is now the backbone for information gathering on all branches to finding out who people are, what they are like, what are peoples interest, basically social networks are the information and advertising HUBs on the 21th century, it is a part of our life’s now as it distinguishes everything about us, for as long we have access to a PC we will continue to modernize and “update” our information.
Is it a social trend or media revolution?
That is a very very though opinion and question in today’s society because about 2/3 of the world’s population uses internet, social media, and other internet related search firms and engines to look for news, products, services, games, ratings, reviews, opinions, it is simply a massive social trend that it impacts billions of people and business worldwide.
As for myself I am a user, I tend to have some harsh opinions that you shouldn’t put everything online, you shouldn’t consider having your life, your experiences “discussed” online. To be fair to social media, more and more people starting relationships met online, everything that has to do with global markets, a global catastrophe, we as people impact it so much.
A few crises that were apparent were the Earthquake in Haiti, and the Tsunami that hit Japan and damaging the Fukishima nuclear power plant and the Egyptian Revolution.  After the Earthquake in Haiti, Facebook postings had littered the network with Red Cross relief funds, helping rebuild Haiti. In the apparent circumstances, whenever a crisis hits, information is poured in by the millions in articles websites and news stories, and people trying to be the first ones to distribute their opinions and knowledge to a huge community of Need to knows. During the Egyptian revolution Facebook was the Engine that drived this revolution from happening, an apparent group of people wanting to be liberated from a dictatorship and totalitarian control, same as in Libya and now in Syria, a Revolution that sparked a ripple effect in 3 Government controlled countries, 1 is being resolved, 1 recovering from civil war and 1 of the verge of being overthrown due to in humanitarian actions.      
So for a recap, Social media is good and bad at the same time, it’s good to have information but from what I learned, the more people give their attention to something negative the more it will tend to lapse in harsher circumstances. It is good to know what is offered now a days in products and services, what people are advertising,  but who really needs to have their life and information being posted  consumed by being online Facebook, Twitter, ECT.
This is my opinion, my political views and social beliefs.    

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  1. I like your opinion and agree with all the positive points about social media that you mentioned and I do think social media sites can be used too often for negative issues. However, there are so many good things that social media sites can be used for. Facebook can be used to communicate and share pictures with friends worldwide. StumbleUpon can be catered to each individuals interests which I have used a lot for school purposes too. I don't think that social media is just than a trend. It might not have as much as an impact that the industrial revolution had but if it was just a trend why would we be learning about it in school as its own course that was assigned to us as mandatory.