Thursday, 29 September 2016

Just a little Venting going on

Still got a place that most of the people I know, don't know about

but let me  get this out there.

WTF is happening, this is F@!$@#%$^ insane,

let me express something first; The geopolitics of what is happening is beyond infuriating, its disgusting, it is insulting and its worrisome

I last posted something about ranting about 4 years ago, but now i have to make a statement

I have not seen in detail on what is happening around the world but everyone is being Played by the so called "players" who are now causing from what is looks like an inevitable War between this East/West yet again.

I was not alive during the Cold War, but this is fucking scary,
"they" are maneuvering ever precisely and make any excuse to start a conflict,

the Geo politics in Syria was to Build a pipeline, just like the last ten year conflict to build a Pipeline thru Iraq. Those who are ignorant of the fact will remain ignorant to whatever agent they are being told by whatever B.S "news" they listen too,

This is by far the "better" marketing gimic that ive seen to-date. It is a huge conspiracy that everyone can see if they look deep enough and unfold the blinds and covers of the real liars.

For 10 years+ years they have lied too the people of this earth, all to feed the growing need of consumerism and profit.

The true Psychopaths in charge will make sure that in order to have an enemy that benefits themselves they need the peoples support to do so.

I really do hope that some people are starting to wake up too the reality that the system is a lie, the messages we have been told are lies, and the true motives for their actions are lies.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

How do you think social media will change in the future? What other trends would you add to the mix? Are they any specific technologies that you think will gain popularity or emerge?

How do you think social media will change in the future? What other trends would you add to the mix? Are they any specific technologies that you think will gain popularity or emerge?

Well now, let me start by saying as always and truly stating that this is still MY OPINION, you dont have to agree with me at all and your comment and argument is valant or even besides the point, everyone is a critic so lets see on this final Blog......

In the last 12 weeks of doing this, going on facebook, blogging,ranting, procrastinating and writing a stupid blog for marks ( No offense) .

i have to oblige by Society's rule that Social media will change in the future, its interface, the experience, the interaction with users. 

I can Say that Social media has its "uses", but i will always counter that YOUR LIFE, is not on a Social Media website and to be fair, i really think that is it a phase and a trend............... i wont go into Limbo by saying that " This trend, and this trend will come into the mix and people will dress like this and act like this and"................... 

with Social media i find its the biggest Trending change EVER.. but i also find that certain businesses, corporations take advantage thru the use of advertizing and they actually use social media "per say"  to litteraly change Human behavior...  

Now Good or Bad, but personally I dont want subliminal messages of Justin Bierber or Lady Gaga, going thru my mind about fashion trends........

Now about Technologies, their are infinite amounts of ideas, (Subliminal messages i can add it), it could even be from personal Robots with wireless interet access following you around. 

Or how about microchips implanted in the brain for literaly seconds of "updating your status", looking for informations, buying your trip or managing your accounts with seconds........

There are endless ways to exploit and gain public interest in certain technologies and trends, but i know for a fact:

Facebook, Twitter , Blogger, Google, Hotmail, Any and every Site imaginable.....
some do last and some that simple appear and disapear within the blink of an eye.

Im simply stating that something better will always come along.
If you dont believe me...look at the phone you have right now, i bet you any money you had a crappy piece O S**** phone like 3 -4 -5 years ago, or you still do

look how Samsung and HTC is competiting with Apple in the mobile phone market or Computers or even  Cars.........just like technology, social media will change with it. 

Oh fuuny comment that came up a few weeks ago, dont Quote me on this, Found it on Fail Blog with a friend.  

"So the FBI is finally shutting down their, Personal Seach department for monitoring online users, since people are posting all their personal information Online thru Facebook,  the FBI can now save a whole lot of time and money thanks to Facebook"



Saturday, 17 March 2012

Do you think that social media has the potential to bring about real social change?

Let me start of to say that this is always MY OPINION, and i don't care about anyones criticism, you just gotta read what i have to post and that's it.....

So Potential for Real Social Change.......................
Really i have no honest answer for this just, Society makes up its own rules all the time

The only real Social events that has happened lately that i can say is " Social changers" is the Egyptian Revolution, the Civil War in Libya and the ever growing Tensions in Syria... and we can put in Kony, but honestly i don't want to waste my time talking about it, only thing i have  to say is that Society has a blind eyes to everything, you don't need to be a genius to know what is going on there, just watch a bunch of movies and Docs, you will get the jist of it............

the REAL social changers, its not people, its how people use technology and the freedom of information to find what they want and how to distant themselves........

I blame Social media for that crap......

" oh but you can do so much on that and and look up so much and talk to people" ...............yeah you are talking to people thru a digital interface,.......... what happened to face to face chatting.....

" oh but there is Skype"............ , you are still looking at someone thru a screen....... the best feeling is interacting with people face to face where they are personally in front of you, a live corpse sitting or standing in front of you.

Here is an interesting fact, how many of your friends have removed or deactivated their facebook accounts........i have a few that have and you know what ....... i find THAT  is real social change..

when people start realizing that you don't need a personal profile online to "identify" themselves then that is when people will start opening their eyes and say: Why the F*** did i get into this

very simple people get bored and want change, a personal trend comes and goes just like the wind or the ever changing seasons. just remember social trends, they are but X factors  in what is to come.

This may be blabber and random shit, but that's why they call it a Blog



Friday, 10 February 2012

What's do accountants and Vampires have in common ?

They are both afraid of the Sun.....

Friday, 3 February 2012

Do you believe that social media has increased the quality of news and information or decreased it.

Do you believe that social media has increased the quality of news and information or decreased it.

So lets see this question to be posted in 2 weeks from now....
is the quality of inforamtion and news has increased due to social media

Well lets take a look at some aspect features to this and YES it has,
Let me first state as always that this is MY OPINION     ,

The amount of information that has circulated between social media sites, news websites, articles is unbelievably huge. I find that its good to have information flowing, but we shouldnnt believe what news agencies have to say.

News agencies are there for one purpose only, to promote and show up to-date feeds about every negative event that is going on in our world and to promote fear.

Yes i said Fear, 

(Oh, if want to stop reading this is were you Stop, )

Go look up any headlines in from page papers of any news articles from the Toronto Star to Reuters.. what is the common theme?

Death, murder, Teorrism, the most common themes in the last decade, its just become unberable to even pickup a news paper to read.
It is the common theme to keep us oblivious and ignorant to what is really going on but whatever......
Im not the one to argue with news papers its what HUMANITY WANTS, is it honestly our nature to read this crap day in day out, why  ?

The more we read the news papers the more we attract, Law of attraction, you give as much energy and thoughts to whatever we want and as much to the the stuff we dont want.

Let me give you an example:  Rumors of a stock market crash " The Stock market drops 1000 points, Companies take huge losses"

investors insisted with speculation and fear which in turn bred a train of thought that people insisted they were losing money and so its what people wanted , they lost money.

So let me get back to what the topic is Information and News.

The News is bullshit, and the information given is so corrupt, in the scheme of things  it is just make the human mind believe what they are saying is true, just remember, down the chain in the entertainement industry someone is pulling the strings.

and one last comment, your life is not on Facebook , Twitter and all that crap, it is a social network not an information hub of your personal life, watch your pictures because someone will be looking for that "big" job

Friday, 13 January 2012

What is your perception of social media, do you think it is a fad or the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution?

The relative question is why is social media such a heightened subject to-day? Social media is now the backbone for information gathering on all branches to finding out who people are, what they are like, what are peoples interest, basically social networks are the information and advertising HUBs on the 21th century, it is a part of our life’s now as it distinguishes everything about us, for as long we have access to a PC we will continue to modernize and “update” our information.
Is it a social trend or media revolution?
That is a very very though opinion and question in today’s society because about 2/3 of the world’s population uses internet, social media, and other internet related search firms and engines to look for news, products, services, games, ratings, reviews, opinions, it is simply a massive social trend that it impacts billions of people and business worldwide.
As for myself I am a user, I tend to have some harsh opinions that you shouldn’t put everything online, you shouldn’t consider having your life, your experiences “discussed” online. To be fair to social media, more and more people starting relationships met online, everything that has to do with global markets, a global catastrophe, we as people impact it so much.
A few crises that were apparent were the Earthquake in Haiti, and the Tsunami that hit Japan and damaging the Fukishima nuclear power plant and the Egyptian Revolution.  After the Earthquake in Haiti, Facebook postings had littered the network with Red Cross relief funds, helping rebuild Haiti. In the apparent circumstances, whenever a crisis hits, information is poured in by the millions in articles websites and news stories, and people trying to be the first ones to distribute their opinions and knowledge to a huge community of Need to knows. During the Egyptian revolution Facebook was the Engine that drived this revolution from happening, an apparent group of people wanting to be liberated from a dictatorship and totalitarian control, same as in Libya and now in Syria, a Revolution that sparked a ripple effect in 3 Government controlled countries, 1 is being resolved, 1 recovering from civil war and 1 of the verge of being overthrown due to in humanitarian actions.      
So for a recap, Social media is good and bad at the same time, it’s good to have information but from what I learned, the more people give their attention to something negative the more it will tend to lapse in harsher circumstances. It is good to know what is offered now a days in products and services, what people are advertising,  but who really needs to have their life and information being posted  consumed by being online Facebook, Twitter, ECT.
This is my opinion, my political views and social beliefs.    

Friday, 6 January 2012

Nothing like having 3 chinese in a "motivational" picture to post as a blog